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Che Peruano featuring at WebFest Berlin 2017

Web series Che Peruano by Argentinian director, Ernesto Rowe, will be featuring along with the wild wide selection from the Web Fest Berlin 2017.

In their third edition, the Web Fest Berlin is, as they define it, the first international festival in Germany dedicated to presenting, recognizing and advancing short form digital series from around the world.

With a mix of screenings and workshops, the Webfest Berlin makes an attractive combination for filmmakers and the general public to converge in this forum and assist in the discussion, production, and shaping of the future entertainment.

Special Guest Actor Luis Machín, is well known for his role in the Argentinian Television.

Exclusion, the hidden form of racism in South America

South America didn’t have to deal with emancipation wars or black nor Indian civil rights struggles like the United States. Therefore, South American are not used to the term racist in the same sense as Americans. But here is the kicker, xenophobia is just an alarming issue in the region with little attention by the majority.

Being from Peru or Bolivia means something in certain countries, especially in Argentina, where the migration from these two countries was significant. “Cabecita negra” (little black head) or “Bolita” (an expression to diminish a Bolivian), are common currency to refer to this community. In this context, distrust and exclusion come in, stranding immigrants to the least appealing jobs in poor labor conditions. This situation helps to push some into illegal activities, nothing new…

Julian has no other choice but to sell drugs in order to survive Buenos Aires.

Che Peruano (“Hey Peruvian”), is a web series created by Argentinian writer Niko Chiesa and directed by Ernesto Rowe, featuring the life of Julian, a Peruvian immigrant who never wanted to be part of his family’s drug business. But when faced with the harsh reality of Buenos Aires, he begins to believe that he has no other way. 

Buenos Aires is depicted as a cynical and hard city to live for the common immigrant who almost no one wants nor likes.

The show was released on Youtube, (watch the first episode), with 5 episodes in the first season and waiting for a second one.

Che Peruano will be screening on the first date of the Web Fest, -8.09- under the SCREENING: ACTION/THRILLER/SUSPENSE category.

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