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An “oasis in the middle of the city”, that’s how many people call Matanga, a fusion tapas restaurant that integrates Latin American and Spanish food, giving a special twist to all its dishes, generating extraordinary and unique flavors.


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Matanga not only stands out for its fusion dishes and exquisite empanadas, but also offers a wide variety of signature cocktails that pair perfectly with the menu.

The interior design of the restaurant also gives something to talk about, each painting was made especially for Matanga, each space is unique, handmade and designed to create an environment where you feel comfortable, at ease and can spend great moments with friends or family. All the interior design was made by the renowned artist Rylsee, who not only decorated the whole place, but also gave identity to spaces by building a “bathroom in the jungle” and a “tree house” that surprises every visitor.
Matanga is not only a restaurant, Matanga is an experience.

Location of Matanga


Friedrichshain | Gubener Str. 41

Fusión Tapas – Cocktails.

Abierto de Martes a Domingo de 17 a 23
Delivery Martes a Domingo de 11.30 a 22.30


177 3087 555

Reservations info@matanga-berlin.com on Instagram/facebook.

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Join for only 3,50€ per month and start enjoying discounts in bars and restaurants.

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